Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Andy's Seven Things Meme

My friend, Sarah over at Slouching Past 40 targeted hand-picked me for this meme. Like her, I've done a few iterations myself and was really scraping the bottom of the barrel when I came up with the idea of doing a heme. I'm writing seven random facts about my husband.

1. Andy was an engineer in the merchant marines before going back to school for his post-grad. He once called me from England and mentioned that they'd collided with another ship and were awaiting repairs. He then didn't call me again until he was back on this side of the pond.

2. Andy is a great teacher. He has an amazing ability to isolate movement to make you understand what he's trying to teach. He taught me how to play a decent game of golf and is working on making me a better skier.

3. Andy's been skiing since he was about 4-years-old. When he was 8, he broke his leg, spinning it 360 degrees so his foot faced forward again. His 17-year-old sister performed an open field retraction (spun it back around) right there on the mountain. The surgeons said her actions saved him an operation. Andy's dad had his skiing again by Spring. After all, he'd bought him a non-refundable season pass.

4. Andy's all time favorite movie is Jaws. He can recite every line and will often throw a line of Jaws dialogue into any conversation. Our boat is named That Kintner Boy after the kid that got eaten by the shark.

5. Andy could be an historian. He lives for The History Channel and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of several American wars. I can easily see him teaching when he retires. One of our dream vacation destinations is Normandy, France.

6. When we were dating, Andy introduced me to the gin and tonic. I tasted his one night at a restaurant and the next day, I came home from work to find him on my porch with a 'starter kit;' A bottle of Tanqueray, two liters of tonic water, and a few limes. We drank G&Ts all summer long.

7. Andy took a vacation day today because the boys were starting to feel better just as I'm starting to feel worse. There was blood in the water and the boys could smell it. Andy could too and so he took the day so I could have a day of R and R for myself. I think it worked too because although I don't feel 100%, I don't think I'm gonna be nearly as ill as the boys were (knocks wood).

Wow! That was so much easier than talking about myself. And because no good deed goes unpunished, I'm tagging the last few people who offered their advice and sympathies to my ill little family. Please don't stop commenting!

Our very own Suburban Correspondent from The More the Messier.
My new friend, Jenn at Juggling Life.
And JCK, the Motherscribe, who writes her life in poetry.


Life As I Know It said...

Ha Ha! I love the "heme"!

JCK said...

Very fun! Thanks for the tag. Do we do a heme?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thanks, I've never done a heme! I like that you did your husband. I'm going to start thinking right now!

jennifer h said...

Great idea. Wish I'd thought of this last time I got tagged.

Hope you feel better soon.

Manic little sister said...

You're right, he's a great teacher-- hell, he taught me to drive stick with no bloodshed or tears!

slouching mom said...

clever you to mix it up a little!

he sounds like a keeper, all in all.


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