Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flu to you too, Winnie the Pooh

This is the cover of today's Boston Globe. Below are my own headlines.

The boys have the flu. RC has the flu and double ear infections.

HRH is still running a temp but lower. He doesn't have the cough but does have a runny nose and is achy and tired.

RC is still running a temp well in the 102-103+ range, is coughing this horrible seal bark, has a runny nose, and just uncomfortable all over. He spent most of last night and a good chunk of today lying in my arms, whimpering.

This is the sickest either of them has ever been and I. don't. like it.

We spoke with the on-call doctor but opted to wait until this morning in order to see a pediatrician in our practice rather than making the run to the emergency room. They reran the flu test because they can often get a false negative if the test is administered too early. The treatment is still the same and he's on Amoxicillian for the ear infections.

Thanks everyone for your input on the cough suppressant issue. I did ask the pedi today about codeine. The answer I got was that the difference in the dose to stop the cough and stop the breathing is too slight in a child this young. Good enough for me.

So for now, HRH remains sick but making inconsistent progress toward better. RC is still really, really sick. I just want him to get some rest and show some improvement by morning. Then I'll worry about what to do if when Andy and I get it.

(with apologies for the spacing. Blogger has decided we'll either have one massive, run-on paragraph or huge gaps. I went with B as the lesser of evils)


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Is it a croupy cough? If it is nice and cold out (in the 20's), wrap him up well and put him in a comfy chair under an open window - it takes down the swelling in the throat, lets them breathe and stop coughing, and maybe even gets them to sleep. We do this for our kids when they are barking. I sleep on the couch next to them with 2 coats on and a down comforter. But it beats being up all night with them barking uncontrollably.

Jen said...

Blogger is weird like that... If you go into "edit html" you can usually fix the spacing issues.

Sorry about the boys, that sucks. Sounds like Jack has the same nasty cough, but no temp today. woohoo, happy days.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's so frustrating when I look at a post in preview on Typepad and then the published product is not the same.

Here's hoping everyone is on the mend soon.

JCK said...

I'm so sorry about the flu. That is just awful. I hope that you and your husband don't get it as well. It is so scary when our little ones get sick. And why is it always near the weekend??!

KC said...

Sending you well wishes - must be awful. The flu sucks.

the new girl said...

I wish you lots of disinfectant and quick getting-better.

slouching mom said...

oh, hon! i'm so sorry to hear this. hopefully everyone will turn the corner asap.

(i've tagged you. take your time.)

~ Denise said...

I'm so sorry!! You know, we don't get flu shots. I wonder if they really work. Did you get them?


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