Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let's Get Physical

At the exact moment when I'd just about had it with him, RC walks into the room with a large elastic rubber band wrapped around his forehead cro-magnon style, and absolutely cracked me up. Way to reinforce unwanted behavior, MM.

What was worse is that I immediately thought of this:

Then of this:

My little caveman:

*With apologies for the quality. Photo taken with my camera phone as the shutter on my five-month-old camera is broken. Wonder how that happened?


BOSSY said...

Ouch! Olivia Newton John didn't suffer for her art like that.

JCK said...

He may be making a new fashion statement. Olivia and Stallone are now...retro. Well at least their headbands...

It always amazes me when JUST when you are ready to snap, our little "ankle biters" come up with something to make us laugh. I think sometimes our laughing WITH them is more powerful than worrying about a lapsed moment of lack of reinforcement. (At least that's what I tell myself.)Laughter together is good!

And may I say...he's just adorable. Even if the shot is fuzzy!

KC said...

I wonder if legwarmers would go with that.


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