Thursday, February 14, 2008

The War, On Drugs

We went with Delsym (super-duper OTC cough suppressant) on the pedi's advice. I'm trying to keep them drug-free unless absolutely necessary so they're actually resting.

We've spent much of yesterday and the day before lying on the couch and watching every movie Disney ever made. We've also, colored, read books, done puzzles, played with play-doh, and eaten next to nothing.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Did it work? You didn't say. Never works for us.

Manic Mommy said...

It kind of works. It didn't entirely get rid of the cough but it wasn't as constricted as it has been.

That being said, it interrupts their sleep. I think it's just guaifenesin (totally had to look up spelling) but it's time released, blah blah blah. When HRH was on it before, he was up every hour through the night.

Last night, they were both up a few times (staggered, of course) but better than the night before. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

From your friendly neighborhood family NP: Sick hubby attending the birthday party was strictly against my medical advice! We, too have been in the throes of this illness. From a professional standpoint, the studies do show that NOTHING out there really works to get rid of the cough (except codeine which will suppress the cough reflex and cause respiratory depression, which can be dangerous). From a mother's standpoint, I go with the antihistamine/decongestant formulas because at least then they sleep at least a little (Sick girl slept 4 hour stretches without cough last night, sick boy slept all night finally). Unless of course, your child gets excitable from the antihistamine, and then you are screwed.
Good luck and feel better soon!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Have you followed the recent controversy over cough medications? Honestly, in order for them to work in children, you have to administer dangerous amounts. Studies have shown that a tablespoon of honey is infinitely more effective for calming a cough.

You know the saying, "a cold untreated lasts a week; treated it lasts 7 days." Lots of water, rest, and chicken soup--that's the best you can do. Saline nose drops for congested noses are helpful too.

I know I sound as if I'm on a soapbox, and I kinda am.

Hope everyone feels better soon.


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