Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Day In History

1719 - Robinson Crusoe is published

1859 - Ground broken for Suez Canal

1945 - Allies and Russians link up, cutting Germany in two

1990 - Space Shuttle Discovery places Hubble Telescope in orbit

2005 - Gremlin Manic is born

Clear as day, I can see Daddy doing that rhythmic, baby bounce-and-walk, holding you close in the labor and delivery room, speaking softly to you.  That was the first moment I saw you. And I loved you, instantly.  Thanks to an emergency c-section and Dad needing to care for your big brother, you and I had more alone time those first few days than HRH and I did.  I sat on the narrow hospital bed with you on my lap and we checked each other out. 

Between visits from Gram and Nana, from aunties, uncles, and cousins, I played with your fingers and toes. I smiled at you and talked to you for hours on end. I noted the difference in your 6 pound 14 ounce frame to your preemie "big" brother's 5 pounds, 9 ounces. I became frustrated by your lack of nursing cooperation and I noticed how LOUDLY you did everything. From breathing, to snoring, to diapers, you made your presence known.  Daddy and I introduced you to your big brother and our family was complete.

Every night, for the past five years, we've said our God blesses.  Every night, we end our God blesses with "and God bless everyone else we love.  And"

Happy Birthday, my perfect, funny, smart, sensitive, clever, not-so-little Gremlin, I love you.  More every day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

File it under "For Future Reference"

For future reference:

- Poison Control cannot answer questions related to a 20-pound dog swallowing one Advil Liqui-Gel.

- Poison Control does provide the toll-free number to Animal Poison Control.

- That number is 1-888-426-4435.

- The consultation fee to speak with Animal Poison Control is $65.00 payable by credit card.

- If your 20-pound dog swallows one Advil Liqui-Gel, she may experience vomiting and diarrhea but probably won't die.

- The treatment for 20-pound dogs who swallow Advil is 0.5 mg Pepcid AC (Famotidine) once a day for 5-7 days.

- If your 20-pound dog who swallowed an Advil is micro-chipped through Home Again and you have full coverage, the $65.00 consultation fee is covered.

- Dogs who swallow Advil and run the risk of experiencing vomiting and diarrhea will be sleeping in the kitchen overnight.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Soap Operas and Bon Bons - That's Me...

    7:00 pm Wednesday night - Email from neighbor (N1) asking if I can pick up her kindergartener (Lila) after school and drop her off at the sitter's as the sitter will be one child heavy for a safe car ride.  No problem except Thursday is yoga day.  If Lila would like to join us for yoga, I can drop her off at the sitter's after that.  Lila likes yoga, all is well.  Simple.

    12:50 pm today -  Nurse's office calls stating HRH is complaining of groin pain.  He had complained of this a week ago and Andy explained he had pulled a muscle, relax and it'll pass.  Second occurrence, we worry about a hernia.  Change of plans: No yoga. Pediatrician.

    12:55 - En route to pick up Gremlin at preschool. Plan to speak to other neighbor (N2), whose son (Jack) is in Gremlin's preschool class - and also has a kindergartner - to see if she can drop Lila at sitter's.  Jack is out sick today.  N2 not at preschool. 

    1:05 pm - Call N2's cell to run plan by her. No answer/leave voicemail.  Call N2s home number.  No answer.  Contemplate calling own husband (Andy) to have him call N2's Husband's (NH2) cell to see if he knows his wife's where-abouts.  Get Andy's voicemail.  Don't leave message.

    1:15 pm - Arrive at HRH's school.  HRH bops out of nurse's office a little too energetically for one in so much pain.  Get incredibly rudimentary explanation of hernia from very nice school nurse.  Leave school.  Gremlin has nervous breakdown in playground as we are *not* stopping to play.

    1:20 pm - Call pediatrician from car to see if we should drive there immediately.  Nope but do have 3:45 appointment today.  I can pick up Lila at regular time but not sure if day care provider will be home an hour earlier than anticipated.

    1:25 pm  - Gremlin jumps oddly on couch connecting his knee with his nose, resulting in nose bleed.

    1:30 pm - Kids in front of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.  Back to work! N1 is a nurse practitioner who works in a maximum security prison and is not allowed a cell phone at work.  Call N1's husband (NH1), who is currently traveling for work in DC.  He has no idea of gyrations going on up here but I have his cell #!  Explain all and instruct him to call sitter to find out if she will be available to receive Lila an hour earlier than expected.  Await call back.

    1:35 pm - NH1 reaches sitter.  All is well.  She will expect Lila at regular time.

    1:45 pm - N2 returns my voice mail.  She is onboard to pick up Lila along with her own kindergartner and drop off at sitter.

    1:50 pm - Text NH1 with school phone number so he can tell school to release Lila to N2.  Also must mention that Lila was originally supposed to attend after-school enrichment yoga with me.

    2:01 - UPS arrives with new starter for Daddy's boat.  HRH carries 15 lb package from front door to kitchen table.

    I'm sorry, Angela.  It seemed like such a simple thing...

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Team Why Mommy's Virtual Science Fair

    Three things kind of converged in the last few weeks in a way that confirm my belief that we're all in this together.  My polygamist, gay, boyfriend, Jason is taking part in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure 60 Mile Walk.  He's doing it in memory of his mother and in honor of his brother, who was 11 when their mom died.

    The second thing is that I was called back in after a yearly mammogram for a second look at what appears to be a calcification.  I have an appointment with a surgeon next week and look to be headed toward a biopsy.  I'm treating this the same way I've treated an abnormal pap result; I'm "concerned" lower case, not "CONCERNED" all caps.  My mom and my husband inform me they're doing the worrying for me.  I have very good people in my life.

    The third is that I received an email from my dear friend, Jean, of Stimeyland.  I will always be grateful to blogging and to the universe for putting a person such as Jean in my path,  She is a good person.  She is smart, funny, caring, enthusiastic, energetic, self-effacing, and did I say wickedly funny?  She is the person you want in your corner.  She's got your back.

    To wit: the email explained that a mutual blogging friend, Susan at Toddler Planet was going in for another round of surgery to address, heal, and kick cancer's ass.  Apparently, cancer didn't know who it was dealing with the first time.  Susan is yet another truly good person.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at BlogHer last year in Chicago.  Susan is an astrophysicist and a mommy.  And has cancer.

    Jean came up with the brilliant idea of a Virtual Science Fair to show our support for Susan but not for her (rat bastard) cancer.   So here I am, doing what I can on all three fronts of my our battle:

    1. I send money, support, and love to Jason.
    2. I make appointments and follow-up, and stay positive about my own health
    3. I submit my sons' and my science project.  (I hope we get an Honorable Mention)

    Absorption Experiment:  
    After cutting stems, place white carnations in a cup of water and add food coloring. What will happen?

    Mom: What do you think will happen to the flowers?
    HRH: The flower part will turn the color of the food coloring.
    Gremlin: I don't know.

    Mom: How do you think it happens?
    HRH: The water will come into the bottom and be sucked up into the flower and by my calculations, you will be able to see that color.

    Mom: How long do you think it will take?
    HRH: Maybe about a half an hour to three quarters of an hour
    Gremlin: Don't know!

    Mom: Do you think it will make any difference if the stems are longer or shorter?
    HRH: Maybe if the stems are longer, it will take longer to absorb.
    Gremlin: You're a fast writer.

    Mom: Do you think it will make any difference which colors we use?
    HRH: Oh!  My food coloring dropped.
    Gremlin: Mom, when can we start?
    HRH: Mom, when can we start?

    Natives getting restless. Time to move on to the doing:

    Start time: 2:59 pm

    Beware the dangers of food coloring.

    4:17 pm - Change occurring in tips of petals!!

    9:30 am (18 hrs, 31 minutes)

    To Susan, I offer you this lovely bouquet of cheap-ass, $1.00 carnations now filled with all the colors of the rainbow.  I also send strength, healing, prayers, love, and good wishes. We've got your back.

    Head over to Stimeyland to check out all the fabulous science-y expressions of love for Susan!

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    They Grow Up So...Fast?

    Scene:  Manic Mommy spies 6-year-old neighbor out front window, clearly trolling for a playmate.

    MM to Wii-playing 7-year-old:  You know, HRH,  Annabelle would probably love it if you went out with her.

    HRH (out the side of his mouth):  You mean like on a date?

    This from the kid that thinks a giant rabbit broke into our house last night and left candy.

    Happy Easter, my peeps!

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