Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team Why Mommy's Virtual Science Fair

Three things kind of converged in the last few weeks in a way that confirm my belief that we're all in this together.  My polygamist, gay, boyfriend, Jason is taking part in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure 60 Mile Walk.  He's doing it in memory of his mother and in honor of his brother, who was 11 when their mom died.

The second thing is that I was called back in after a yearly mammogram for a second look at what appears to be a calcification.  I have an appointment with a surgeon next week and look to be headed toward a biopsy.  I'm treating this the same way I've treated an abnormal pap result; I'm "concerned" lower case, not "CONCERNED" all caps.  My mom and my husband inform me they're doing the worrying for me.  I have very good people in my life.

The third is that I received an email from my dear friend, Jean, of Stimeyland.  I will always be grateful to blogging and to the universe for putting a person such as Jean in my path,  She is a good person.  She is smart, funny, caring, enthusiastic, energetic, self-effacing, and did I say wickedly funny?  She is the person you want in your corner.  She's got your back.

To wit: the email explained that a mutual blogging friend, Susan at Toddler Planet was going in for another round of surgery to address, heal, and kick cancer's ass.  Apparently, cancer didn't know who it was dealing with the first time.  Susan is yet another truly good person.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at BlogHer last year in Chicago.  Susan is an astrophysicist and a mommy.  And has cancer.

Jean came up with the brilliant idea of a Virtual Science Fair to show our support for Susan but not for her (rat bastard) cancer.   So here I am, doing what I can on all three fronts of my our battle:

1. I send money, support, and love to Jason.
2. I make appointments and follow-up, and stay positive about my own health
3. I submit my sons' and my science project.  (I hope we get an Honorable Mention)

Absorption Experiment:  
After cutting stems, place white carnations in a cup of water and add food coloring. What will happen?

Mom: What do you think will happen to the flowers?
HRH: The flower part will turn the color of the food coloring.
Gremlin: I don't know.

Mom: How do you think it happens?
HRH: The water will come into the bottom and be sucked up into the flower and by my calculations, you will be able to see that color.

Mom: How long do you think it will take?
HRH: Maybe about a half an hour to three quarters of an hour
Gremlin: Don't know!

Mom: Do you think it will make any difference if the stems are longer or shorter?
HRH: Maybe if the stems are longer, it will take longer to absorb.
Gremlin: You're a fast writer.

Mom: Do you think it will make any difference which colors we use?
HRH: Oh!  My food coloring dropped.
Gremlin: Mom, when can we start?
HRH: Mom, when can we start?

Natives getting restless. Time to move on to the doing:

Start time: 2:59 pm

Beware the dangers of food coloring.

4:17 pm - Change occurring in tips of petals!!

9:30 am (18 hrs, 31 minutes)

To Susan, I offer you this lovely bouquet of cheap-ass, $1.00 carnations now filled with all the colors of the rainbow.  I also send strength, healing, prayers, love, and good wishes. We've got your back.

Head over to Stimeyland to check out all the fabulous science-y expressions of love for Susan!


AnnetteK said...

I did not know you could do that with carnations! I can't wait to try it with my son. :)

Andrea said...

Re: second thing... I'm helping your mom and Andy. Sending fervent hopes and vibes for "it's nothing" biopsy results!

G said...

Sending good thoughts your way, and for the others too!! Keep us posted.

Life As I Know It said...

thinking of you and all positive thoughts!

merlotmom said...

I have the same philosophy be concerned, not CONCERNED until there is really something to be CONCERNED about. Good luck. Please let us know the results when they come. Crossing my fingers for the positive. And those carnations! Who knew? Gorgeous. Going to send my love to Susan as well.

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

SHUT UP! I had NO IDEA that would work. (Which puts me firmly in the Gremlin Camp.)

Very, very cool. And I will join the Worrying Team. Keep us posted.

anya said...

Best wishes to you both!

Otter Thomas said...

I'm keeping you and your friends in my thoughts. Hope things go well.

HRH sounds like a smart dude. "By my calculations..." really cracked me up.

Sunday said...

I totally forgot about this experiment. It is one of my all time faves!
I think I just found my next experiment for the boys next week!

teachmama said...

OH my gosh!! This is the second part of our experiment! Posting about it tomorrow or Fri--love that we did the same thing!

Stimey said...

1. Holy moly. Those are GORGEOUS! I need to try this with my kids. What a fantastic experiment!

2. Your kids are hysterically funny. And adorable.

3. Good luck with your biopsy. I will be here thinking of you.

4. Thanks so much for taking part in the science fair!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You are right to be lower-case concerned. These new mammograms pick up everything--I've gone through this with several friends and it is always nothing--so I'm going to assume it will be that way for you too.

What a fun experiment. I sort of want to do it!

Sheryl said...

To MM: Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for good news. Best case is that you have lumpy boobs and calcification (I do too). Worst case, early detection and treatment. I know you too well, and know that you will kick its ass.

To Jean: Rooting for you and sending best wishes. Positive thoughts and good vibes will make a big difference. Prayers to you for a healthy and speedy recovery.

JCK said...

What a wonderful, healing and special post! I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts. Calcification is pretty common, I've heard.

HRH ..."by my calculations.." CLASSIC! Love it!

What a fun project. And pretty!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Your experiment is great...what smart little scientists you have: "by my calculations..." that's terrific!

I'll be thinking of you and Susan (astrophysicist and mommy...I remember pausing at that when I found her blog awhile back). Sending good vibes and hugs to both of you.

rachel... said...

Oh, we did this same experiment last year! But not with carnations, with some other white flower I don't know the name of...

And your friends are in my thoughts, I hope for much fund-raising and a full recovery!

And, I'm *really* trying to not be too CoNcErNeD, but I hope you'll keep us updated on your biopsy. Please? I'll be thinking of you, Manic Mommy.

Anonymous said...

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