Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soap Operas and Bon Bons - That's Me...

7:00 pm Wednesday night - Email from neighbor (N1) asking if I can pick up her kindergartener (Lila) after school and drop her off at the sitter's as the sitter will be one child heavy for a safe car ride.  No problem except Thursday is yoga day.  If Lila would like to join us for yoga, I can drop her off at the sitter's after that.  Lila likes yoga, all is well.  Simple.

12:50 pm today -  Nurse's office calls stating HRH is complaining of groin pain.  He had complained of this a week ago and Andy explained he had pulled a muscle, relax and it'll pass.  Second occurrence, we worry about a hernia.  Change of plans: No yoga. Pediatrician.

12:55 - En route to pick up Gremlin at preschool. Plan to speak to other neighbor (N2), whose son (Jack) is in Gremlin's preschool class - and also has a kindergartner - to see if she can drop Lila at sitter's.  Jack is out sick today.  N2 not at preschool. 

1:05 pm - Call N2's cell to run plan by her. No answer/leave voicemail.  Call N2s home number.  No answer.  Contemplate calling own husband (Andy) to have him call N2's Husband's (NH2) cell to see if he knows his wife's where-abouts.  Get Andy's voicemail.  Don't leave message.

1:15 pm - Arrive at HRH's school.  HRH bops out of nurse's office a little too energetically for one in so much pain.  Get incredibly rudimentary explanation of hernia from very nice school nurse.  Leave school.  Gremlin has nervous breakdown in playground as we are *not* stopping to play.

1:20 pm - Call pediatrician from car to see if we should drive there immediately.  Nope but do have 3:45 appointment today.  I can pick up Lila at regular time but not sure if day care provider will be home an hour earlier than anticipated.

1:25 pm  - Gremlin jumps oddly on couch connecting his knee with his nose, resulting in nose bleed.

1:30 pm - Kids in front of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.  Back to work! N1 is a nurse practitioner who works in a maximum security prison and is not allowed a cell phone at work.  Call N1's husband (NH1), who is currently traveling for work in DC.  He has no idea of gyrations going on up here but I have his cell #!  Explain all and instruct him to call sitter to find out if she will be available to receive Lila an hour earlier than expected.  Await call back.

1:35 pm - NH1 reaches sitter.  All is well.  She will expect Lila at regular time.

1:45 pm - N2 returns my voice mail.  She is onboard to pick up Lila along with her own kindergartner and drop off at sitter.

1:50 pm - Text NH1 with school phone number so he can tell school to release Lila to N2.  Also must mention that Lila was originally supposed to attend after-school enrichment yoga with me.

2:01 - UPS arrives with new starter for Daddy's boat.  HRH carries 15 lb package from front door to kitchen table.

I'm sorry, Angela.  It seemed like such a simple thing...


Life As I Know It said...

When you are dealing with kids, there are SO MANY variables that come into play...exhausting.

Glad everything worked out!

Stimey said...

It is always the day you are planning on helping someone else that the whole system goes haywire.

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...


And the hernia?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You can do anything--you've got all the time in the world when you're a stay-at-home-mom!

merlotmom said...

Okay, quit your griping we all know how easy your job is...sheesh.

Does he have a hernia?

Kristi from Small Things said...

These days, instead of Soap Operas and Bon Bons, my husband thinks it's all facebook and oprah. Seriously, the logistics, driving, and correspondance is insane. Being a mom was so much simpler when kids walked home over the prairie carrying a lunchpail, rain or shine.

anymommy said...

Yes. This is exactly how my life feels. Hope you slept well that night.

rachel... said...

Oh, I hate those days when I am feeling so smug at having everything planned down to the minute, then *something* happens to throw my whole plan awry. Hope you were able to make it through the day without swearing much.

Sue said...

Just had a flashback of you dressed as Peg Bundy back in the day. Also, your kids are hilarious.


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