Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That Kintner Boy

Andy bought a boat last year. More precisely, he bought the hull of a boat, then he bought the remaining parts like say the engine, transmission, wiring harness (yes, I know what that is now) on eBay and Craigslist. He spent many cold evenings out in the garage over the past year putting it all together and this past Sunday, all his hard work paid off: He and our neighbor, that's him in the picture, successfully launched That Kintner Boy! And didn't sink!

Andy is beside himself with glee. I think I could ask him for anything - (just off the top of my head, of course) a new livingroom set, a Honda Pilot, a third child, a girls' night away - and he would give it to me. And this Saturday, the boat is going to pay off for me too!!

I wrote a post a while back about missing my friend, Chris and the fun our little gang of four used to have. After reading this post by Bossy, was inspired to contact them and say 'Okay, enough's enough. When are we getting together?' God was with us and this weekend, we're going to Wendy's cottage for an overnight!! No kids, no spouses, just lots of high calorie food, adult beverages, and uninterrupted conversation!!

Chris is the problem child in this equation so we're hard at work on Plan B. This may or may not involve slowing the SUV, opening the door, and grabbing her. I can roughly find where her sister-in-law lives so we can drop the kids on the way. I think it's a solid plan.

So, thank you, Andy. Thank you, Bossy. And thank you, Alex Kintner.


suburbancorrespondent said...

Go for the third child - they're fun (at least, until age 13).

Jen said...

Hey! I recognize that grizzly old man in the photo!!

Congrats on getting the boat up and running... Maybe now would be a good time to ask him to watch my kids??

Helena Brearley said...

woohoo, have fun, I am jealous!!!

BOSSY said...

Glad Bossy can be of service. She's a Giggle Enabler.

Sue said...

Excellent news about the boat and about Chris, too.

Who the heck is Alex Kinter?


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