Friday, October 12, 2007

It's for you...

Phone rings. I pick up in the basement. It's Andy.

HRH (a second later from upstairs): Hel-lo?

Andy: Hi HRH, it's Daddy. How are you? How was school today? (more parent/child phone conversational drivel ensues). HRH, can you please press the red button so I can talk to Mommy?

HRH: Okay, Daddy, I'm putting you on speaker. (Does it. The Backyardigans - I mean Sesame Street - singing in the background)

RC (plaintive whining through located contraband pacifier): I wanna talk to Daddy!

Andy: Hi RC. HRH, can you please press the red button? (beep as HRH disconnects)

Andy (to me): So I was onli- (beep as HRH rejoins conversation).

HRH: Mommy, I want a drinking yogurt.

Me: Sure baby, get one from the fridge and please press the red button (beep as HRH disconnects).

Andy: ...looking at different options for kindergart- (beep as RC joins conversation, pacificier still in mouth). I can't do this.

RC: I wanna talk to Daddy!! (immediately disconnects).

Me: No, it's okay now. ..

Sounds of RC coming downstairs.

Me: So, we'll talk about this when you get home?

Andy: Uh, yeah. Bye, lo-

Me: No. Don't touch that. You'll break the computer!


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slouching mom said...

Yes. This is, unfortunately, familiar. I don't know how any of us remembers what we originally intended to say. We're interrupted too much.


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