Friday, October 26, 2007

CSI - New England

Scene: Loud crying erupts from previously playing children in livingroom.

MM: What was that?

RC enters kitchen, holding head, sobbing. HRH at his heels.

MM crouches down to kiss and make it all better.

MM (in sing-songy voice): Whaaat haaappennned?

HRH (not letting RC get a word in edgewise): He was on the coffee table -

RC: Sobs unintelligibly over HRH's explanation.

MM kisses boo-boo again.

HRH: He was on the coffee table -

RC (around pacifier in mouth): I'm all better, Mom.

(and he is! RC is the fastest healer I've ever met)

HRH (compulsive confessor/'the informer'): Wait! I'll show you:



Also? A shout out to my doppleganger. I never said I was original. Give her a look-see. She's funny, too! And to quote The New Girl, is there room for one more?


Mrs. G. said...

So funny...motherhood does often require serious detective skills.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Who needs Horacio when you have HRH!!??

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Phoenix said...

So much better than the MIami one. ;)


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