Sunday, August 5, 2007

PTVD - Post Traumatic Vacation Disorder

Favorite vacation moments (in no particular order):
  • Going back into the water just me and HRH even after I was really all set with swimming. He was so happy, I even got an unsolicited kiss blown to me.
  • Having Roger Clemens doze on my lap while I was sitting in the water in an innertube. My sister-in-law commented that it was like he was back in the womb. It felt like that for me too. Like I had him all to myself again; heartbeat to heartbeat.
  • Sitting in a harborside restaurant with just my husband, talking uninterrupted and realizing we have plenty to talk about - and that we like each other.

The good news: We spent a HOT and SUNNY week on Cape Cod.
The bad news: The place we rented last year with central A/C was already booked for our week.

The good news: The place we ended up renting allows dogs.
The bad news: The place we rented smells like it allows dogs.

The good news: HRH can be a wonderful big brother when called upon! He and RC were sharing a bedroom and his little brother was truly frightened about sleeping in the pack-and-play away from his own crib in his Make Way for Ducklings bedroom. We decided to give them a few minutes to see if RC would settle down. HRH kept saying "don't worry, buddy. I'm right here." over and over again to soothe his baby brother.
The bad news: Whenever RC had been quiet for a few minutes (nodding off perhaps?) HRH would say it L.O.U.D.E.R.

The good news: I did not cook for an entire week.
The bad news: There really is no bad news here.

The bad news: The vacation's over and now it feels like the summer nearly is too.
The good news: We were all ready to be home and home is a pretty nice place to be.*

* Except for the laundry - and the cooking. But no dog smell!

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Helena said...

sounds like a good vacay, we just got back too, and man what a bummer, summer is almost over and it feels like it just got here.


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