Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When the cat's taking a shower

The boys found and used my camera while I was taking a shower. Here's life through their eyes.
The game of hauling over something to climb up on, clamoring onto the arm of the couch, standing up on said arm, then swan diving onto the cushions has a name. It's called "the ride" (as in "Hey, RC! Wanna go on 'the ride'?") and it isn't allowed.

Exhibit A. Only a 7.9 from the East German judge.

Exhibit B. He sticks the landing!

The feet at the top of the picture are RC's. Those on the bottom are HRH's. This one's my favorite.

I'm guessing HRH had RC pinned for this one. These are not happy eyes.
Nostrils. Don't know if HRH is holding the camera the wrong way or if RC got to be the photographer for this one.

Next time, I may leave the video camera lying around.


Sue said...

Your kids are skilled in photography, gymnastics, and covert operations. Brilliant!!

Helena Brearley said...

I'm dying laughing because I can totally hear your voice narrating this scene of your boys! Or, maybe it's the two glasses of pinot grigio making me laugh...hmm...

slouching mom said...

I'm going to have to try leaving the camera around for the boys to find.

On second thought, no. Just no. ;)

Motherhood Uncensored said...

You're lucky that's all the took photos of.

Oh wait. That's COLLEGE boys.



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