Friday, August 10, 2007

Bubble Boy

Apparently, I need to buy me one of these:

It's been nary two weeks since having the staple removed from the side of his head following a run in with the stove. This past Tuesday, HRH slid on the floor and smacked his head resulting in a bloody nose. My first thought was "I just can't go to the emergency room AGAIN."

Then just yesterday, while playing outside he crashed into my three year old neighbor and somehow ended up with two very badly skinned knees. He looks like a losing prize fighter or maybe a walking advertisement for Bandaids. It's everywhere, I tell ya! I downloaded some pictures from June only to find this one:
Yeah, that's a Dora the Explorer bandaid on his right knee. I've taken to asking my material witness, I mean, neighbor if I have the clumsiest kids in the world or if everyone goes through this. Until the bubble arrives, my child will be strapped to the couch, surrounded by pillows, eating unhealthy snacks with his new best friend:


Mrs. Chicky said...

You could just wrap him in bubble wrap and duct tape. That would be cheaper.

Manic Mommy said...

Thanks, Mrs. C. I may use that. Where oh where would the duct tape go?


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