Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Technicolor Smile

I rolled over and kissed Andy on the cheek after we had already said our goodnights and told him he was a great partner. It had come to me particularly strongly earlier in the day.

I called him after taking the kids to McDonalds and on my way to Starbucks. I couldn't go home yet because the cleaning lady was still there doing her thing. I wanted to report that I'd heard from our former daycare provider and that she would be happy to take the kids for the full day tomorrow. This would leave me free to complete the painting of our bedroom, which has been a work in progress since LAST July.

So now my bedroom looks like this:That's a big fat lie. I stole this picture from the HGTV website. I'm awful about taking before and afters.

Anyway, our bedroom albeit small is now a lovely deep merlot. The floors are refinished and the furniture is in a more pleasing arrangement. I'm having our ivory and black toile duvet cleaned and will eventually get matching window treatments.

I was so pleased by nearly completing the LAST ROOM IN OUR HOUSE that I actually stopped to take stock and realize how much I like our little house. Sure, I want a bigger bedroom and my own bathroom and I'd love a family room on the first floor but I live in a house nicer than the one I grew up in and I've managed to inject so much of our personality into it in a relatively short period.

But more importantly, I'm raising my kids in this HOME with a husband that understands the importance of once-a-month cleaning ladies, not cooking, and mental health days from my own children. And I have a smile this big:


slouching mom said...

Oh, what a sweet tribute to your husband!

I was pretty jealous of that room -- LOL.

I've always thought that some people know how to make a house a home, and others don't, and it doesn't have a thing to do with how much the house cost, or how much its contents cost.

Jen said...

It is a very sweet tribute!

Congrats for finishing all of your projects... If you feel the urge to do more renovations, come on over, there is plenty to be done at my house:).

By the way, the room color in that picture is very similar to the color I am painting the master.

Manic Mommy said...

Yeah, I got a good one.

As for the contents, we're still doing hand-me-down chic in our room - my grandparents' formerly nice bureaus. How is it they kept them pristine through 45 years of marriage and we've managed to mangle them in 7??

InterstellarLass said...

I know about those long projects...I anticipate being able to use my (still slightly unfinished but finished enough) shower starting tomorrow. It's been under demolition since last November. I can't imagine ever being 'done' with projects.

BOSSY said...

Bossy's mantra: Embrace your inner row-house!

lildb said...

heh - I was totally on the verge of telling you how fabulous your room was and that I kind of hate you even without really knowing you for having a room like that ANYWHERE in your home, and then I read the text.

phew. I was so gonna bum out hating you, esp. since you put up some linky love to my little shop and everything. (thank you thank you!! you are lov-ed. right back for that.)

the room you *do* possess sounds awfully nice, too, though. the deep wall color and the b&w toile duvet - purty. :)


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