Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Running Down the Clock

HRH returns to school in 34 days. But who's counting? That whole "oh, the summer's almost over" boo-hoo thing in my last entry? I'm so over it. Bring on the pumpkins and barn coats!

Re-entry from vacation is proving a lot more than just dirty laundry. It's a return to all mommy, all the time - without the diversion of days at the beach, trips to mini-golf and the batting cages, and ice cream for lunch. Without Daddy to tag team. It's a return to zone defense rather than man to man. It's about the routine, stupid!

I'll save the blow by blow and say that I ended Monday evening by telling Andy that although I am absolutely certain no one could ever love my children the way I do, that sometimes I truly wonder if I am the best person to provide their care on a day-to-day basis. This statement was met with the knowing silence of self-preservation.

I did/do want to be the one to raise my children and despite the above paragraph to the contrary, I believe I am the best one for it. I think it's more this image I had of a little mini-preschool where my two-year old would be reading by now and we'd be coming up with wonderful little arts-and-crafts macaroni projects on a daily basis.

Andy's cousin (who quit work about the same time I did and had baby number three this spring) said it best; some days it's just about running down the clock: Naptime in an hour...Daddy's home in two more hours...45 minutes 'til bedtime; I can make it...

So my goal for the remaining one month and three days is to keep us busy, remember it's not about the laundry or cooking, to enjoy what's left of summer, and keep us busy (did I say that already?).

Tuesday was a playdate at my cousin's - mommy rant time in the kitchen while the four little Huns dismantled the playroom toy-by-toy. Today was a rainy day trip to the indoor playground, bringing my 11-year-old niece along for good measure. What was it that Chris at Notes from the Trenches said about the good things about an ADHD kid with insomnia? That's my intelligent, beautiful, kind, hyper girl. She keeps up with a pre-schooler and toddler with one Ritalin tied behind her back.

Just remember, Carole Brady had Alice, and Mike was gay. Friday's almost here. Two more days on the clock...


BOSSY said...

Summer. Can't. Be. Over. Bossy isn't sick of it yet.

Sue said...

Although I wholeheartedly wish summers were a solid six months long, I am starting to miss my jeans and sweaters and jackets.

Wardrobe changes make almost anything worth the trouble.


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