Friday, January 18, 2008

Cabin Fever/Thoughts on Nick Jr.

Where the hell are Max and Ruby's parents and why are they living in my grandparents' house in the 1940s?

I find it scary concerning amusing that I set my kids up in front of the TV to watch a show about going outside and using your imagination.

I love Austin. He is my favorite Backyardigan. He is also by far the smartest. When I was google imaging for a picture, I found out I am not alone, which is a little disturbing.

It is widely recognized that Austin and Tasha (yellow hippo to Austin's right) are the Professor and MaryAnn of their generation.

New drinking game: Everytime Ming-Ming says "This is seeweeus [serious]," take a shot.

(Also, my neighbors dressed up as The Wonder Pets for Halloween.)

Originally, I preferred Steve to Joe on Blues Clues.

But now I've come to like Joe more.

It's kind of a BJ vs. Trapper thing.

(Current picture of Steve - weird. )


slouching mom said...

Max and Ruby totally weirds me out. And I couldn't be gladder that my boys were pretty much too old by the time Backyardigans showed up on the scene...

~ Denise said...

Hey~ That sounds like a fun drinking game!! I'll have to try it! :o)

Jen said...

Loathe Max and Ruby. The books are even more annoying than the t.v. show... If it's possible.

What's up with scary Steve? Life after B.C. been unkind??

onthegomom said...

I found my way here to your blog from The More The Messier.

New Steve = Scary!

I heart the Wonder Pets, but wow your neighbors REALLY love them!


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