Thursday, December 31, 2009

Manic Mommy Zeitgeist - 2009

Each year, Google publishes its Zeitgeist, compiling all the various search terms all of us collectively have typed into that little box in the upper right of our screens which, taken as a whole, present "the spirit of the times" for 2009. Never let it be said that I let a good idea go un-plagiarized. And so, with the help of Google Analytics, I present:

The Top 5 Manic Search Categories for 2009

5. Alcohol:
- The answer to the burning question of 2009? No, you're not supposed to have alcohol while on Nutrisystem. You're welcome.

4. Perverts:
Looking for:
- Joan Van Ark barefoot (srsly?)
- Picture of babes in bra blouse
- "she's old but she suck"

3. Potty Issues:
Some that I can relate to, although not necessarily help with are:
- Baby ate dirty toilet paper
- Boy Plunger
- Is it normal for a four year old to smear toothpaste all over? (Answer: YES!)
- My two year old son at dirty cat litter

Thanks for making me feel normal again!

2. Manic Behavior:
- My wife is a little manic + constant phone calls/messages
- What do you do when you're manic?
- He's the manic
- She's the manic (wouldn't you like to be a manic too?)
- Words to She's a Manic

1. General Silliness:
- Do bees have tongues?
- Cheap Mommy Vacation (see category #5)

and my favorite key word search for 2009 is:

- My dog gave birth three days ago and is painting still.

Here's wishing us all a prosperous, peaceful, happy, healthy 2010 full of optimism and opportunity.

Happy New Year!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy New Year!

Keely said...

Bwahhahhahha! That's one dedicated dog.

Excuse me, I'm going to go cross "nutrisystem" off my list of weight-loss options...

whacked daddy said...

Love reading your blog.

Perfect- "My dog gave birth three days ago and is painting still."

Happy New Year!

texasholly said...

I painted for weeks after giving birth too.

Stimey said...

My lame dog has never painted a thing in her life. But thankfully I've never had a child eat dirty toilet paper either. Ugh.

Happy New Year, friend!

kanishk said...

Happy New Year!
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