Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please Stand for Our National Anthem

God bless my barista
Man that I love
Stand in line here
Get mine here

Day or night
Venti's right
Chai I love

From the drive thru
To the Target
Back to Starbucks
Light, no foam

God bless my barista
Live in
My home

**Originally posted last year, around this time. I unconsciously sing it almost every (day) time I head there. I'm thinking about the second verse. Any ideas??


Em said...

LOL!! I'll be thinking of a second verse, right after I get my Starbucks hit for lunch.

Creativity fueled by caffeine.

Clever girl, you are.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, you're so clever! I don't have a second verse for you but I think my song would have to be sung to "O Christmas Tree"

hot cocoa mug, hot cocoa mug...

anymommy said...

I still love it.

Merlotmom said...

I missed it last year. Too funny. Even to a non coffee drinker. Happy holidays my coffee lovin cutie.


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