Friday, July 24, 2009

Dad's Guest Post: Part 1

Well, She is in Chicago. They are here with me.

I'm calling Friday a win because I remembered to pick them up on the way home from work.

6:35 PM - Even though they'd been fed before pick-up, HRH indicates he is hungry. Gremlin asserts that he is also hungry. I agree. I too am hungry.

6:35-6:55 - Watching TV while hungry.

6:55 - Nana shows up (yeah Mom!). I convey that we are hungry. Nana departs.

7:20 - Nana returns with doughnuts for the boys and coffee for the adults. Hunger issue solved (I consider coffee a food group).

8:00 - Bed for boys. TV for me.

Nothin' to it.


Anonymous said...

I assume you're calling Thursday a win, not Friday, as this was posted before much of Friday happened!

JCK said...

So glad MM got to go to BlogHer and that she had a great man to take care of everything while she was gone!


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