Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dad: Part IV - If it takes a village, are we all Village People?

Well, the neighbors read this online periodical. Good thing too.

Having determined that the daily periodic feedings were keeping the hunger at bay, I was trying to decide what to feed them last night. I was going back and forth between the 'dinosaur chicken/mac & cheese combo' and pizza. Then I froze. Swear to God. Vacillating back and forth took its toll and I just broke. It was as if I couldn't stand to make one more decision regarding the children, so I mentally punted.

We were out front and the neighborhood had gathered around 5:30 or so (as I understand it does) when an alert friend evidently recognized my look of utter cerebral failure. They are going on vacation and had ordered out for the no effort, no clean-up effect that delivered pizza provides. He immediately put the 3/4 full box-o-pizza-his-kids-had-barely-touched into my hands, at which time things came back into focus for me. I thanked him. I would have said something like "and I never even knew the kind strangers name," but I know the guy. We all ate like kings.

By the way, I figured out the dishwasher problem, i.e. empty it of clean first, then fill with dirty. The counters are a little cluttered now, but the sink is WIDE OPEN baby!

The next issue I face is the fact that my children smell bad. I never realized it, but they're kind of rank. I've been noticing more and more since Chris left the day before yesterday. Maybe I'll try aftershave.

That's all for now.

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anya said...

Lol! I knew this exact thing was going on when I left my kids with their Dad. I wondered why they smelled like Old Spice...thanks for the laugh!


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