Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Just Another Manic Contest

Actually, it's my very first. I've been thinking about having a contest for while now. I've already got the prizes (note: prizes, plural). But quite frankly, couldn't come up with what the contest part would be.

The it hit me. The ultimate navel gazing self-absorbed Seinfeldian/Bloggy moment: I'll have a contest about...having a contest!

Da Rulz:

1. Leave a comment telling me what type of contest I should hold.
- Should I ask you to guess the next disgusting thing to go near my child's mouth?
Why invite bad karma for the sake of a contest?
- Should I ask you to guess the boys' real names?
I'd prefer to stay married.
- Should I do the movie meme again?
I'm cynical realistic. Too easy to cheat.

2. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday, November 10th.

3. During this time, you may submit additional comments lobbying for your favorite entry.

4. Winners will be decided by ME.

5. I will post the Top Three Winners sometime on Wednesday, November 12th.

Da Prizes:

1st Prize: The Bible, The Wine Bible
2nd Prize: A bottle of Manic Mommy's Finest

(Look for the package marked "cooking oils")

3rd Prize: A $10.00 Starbucks gift card, just in time for Egg Nog Lattes!

So, think funny, think clever, think about a decent Merlot! And think about telling your friends and readers. You know how I feel about putting myself out there waiting for you guys to reply. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

* While family member and employees of She's Just Another Manic Mommy, LLC. Are not eligible to win prizes (although it would certainly save me a bundle in shipping charges), they are encouraged to participate nonetheless.


Jen said...

Do neighbors count as family members? In other words; are we eligible?

Manic Little Sister said...

Dammit, I had my eye on that Starbucks gift card, too.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wouldn't win because I can't drink wine (apparently an allergy situation), but how about if the oenophiles guess your favorite vintage of Merlot?

Marilyn said...

ok, chris. i have never commented on this or any blog before, but i really, really want that starbucks card, so you've inspired me (I'll happily forfeit the top two prizes, which i'm SURE i'd win). ; )

the contest should be two-part: 1)the best day you've had as a parent; 2) the worst day. i have no idea what my answer would be, but luckily that's not what i need to figure out to get the gift card!

Sue said...

YAY! A contest!
How about we give you ideas on what to get the kiddies for Christmas and you pick the best one(s)? Your shopping might get a whole lot easier if you have 30 or so ideas!

Jennifer Suarez said...

I would like to suggest a most embarrassing story contest.

Not only is that fun to enter, but also increases blog traffic because it's fun to keep checking back to read other's stories.

Manic Big Sister said...

I would second the most embarrasing story contest-even if I'm not eligible to win it would be fun to read. besides, you bring me Starbucks when I do your hair.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

How about a grosser than gross contest? Like what's the grossest encounter that you've ever had as a parent?

cactus petunia said...

Hey, I've been there, one and only "contest" resulted in 0 (that's right: "zero") replies...guess it was a little premature.

So with that in mind, sock it to us...whatever you decide. I'll play!

-Cactus Petunia

KC said...

How about a worst 80s hair contest?
(thinking about my 5th grade Michael Jackson jheri curl perm or my supernatural Jersey girl high school bangs)

Or a song parody contest! Ooh ooh yes!

(clearly I'm vying for contests that might give me an advantage)

I totally have that wine bible - it's awesome.

Jen said...

You could have everyone guess little know facts about yourself- favorite color, middle name, favorite movie, shoe size? Random weird things... Or, guess them about Andy! What did Andy weigh on your wedding day, his eye color, etc...

Show me the Starbucks :)

the new girl said...

1) Put a real picture of yourself in with a bunch of others and let us guess which one is you.

2) Ask everyone to tell you something that you really want to know opinions about.


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