Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Moments

HRH: His Royal Halibut...we couldn't keep him out of the water. RC in his Hawaiian Elmo "bagging suit"
My mom and I went out one night and Andy got the boys out of bed to catch a rainbow. I hope you can see it.I can't recommend the Pirate Adventure highly enough for ages 3 to about 7 or 8. Arrr.
Yes, I was wearing a blue golf shirt and khaki shorts also. No, we didn't do this every day. They boys and Andy were a coincidence, then I saw it and decided to geek out and join in. Andy called us the Griswolds.
Bless him, Andy got up every morning around 6:30 with the boys to go fishing. By Wednesday, they had yet to catch anything. He thinks it had less to do with his skills as a fisherman and more to do with the large number of rocks being thrown into the water beside the fishing lines.
At this point, it was time to find a boat. Let me give a shout out to another local, Cap't Danny and Clamneck Charters, who have a very kid-centric 1 1/2 hour catch-and-release fishing trip staying inside Lewis Bay. Each kid must have caught at least a school of porgies.We had a fantatic deck off our bedroom where we were able to set up a telescope and show the boys the moon close up.

I don't think they made it to bed at the correct time the entire week. Vacations are about saying 'yes' more than you normally can.
Maybe they'll be astronauts or astronomers.

Or maybe they'll just remember another family vacation on the Cape.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

They surely will remember it.

We return to Mammoth every summer and my kids (who are almost grown now) love it more every year.

Limbic Resonance said...

That looked like a beautiful vacation. Thanks for sharing it! I especially loved the mini-golf / matching outfits!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Lovely! We're headed to Dennis next Saturday for our family vacay at the Cape!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Looks so fun! I try really hard to make vacation memories for my kids... I'm sure yours will have some great ones!


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