Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Scenes (to and) from an Italian Restaurant

Scene 1: Mommy's car. The eight minute drive to meet Andy at a local Italian restaurant.

HRH (age 5): RC? Do you beat me up because you want to be like me?

MM (springs like a cat, sensing an opening): You know, RC, HRH does peeps and poops in the potty...

RC (age 3): Sure, HRH. I want to be like you. (what.ev.)

HRH (this, he can understand): Oh! Okay! When you and I have some private time, I'll show you so you can be more like me.

RC (already losing interest in the topic): Okay.

HRH (mentoring-ly): RC, do you want to sing the ABCs?

Manic Mommy smiles slyly...brotherly love and potty training.

RC (in perfect pitch): A B C D...I don't like you...

Manic Mommy sighs...


Scene 2: Upon arriving in parking lot where Daddy is waiting to point out the spot next to his car.

HRH and RC (excitedly): Daddy!

Daddy: Hi Boys!

RC (as Daddy extricates him from the car): Daddy! We beat you here!


Scene 3: Upon arriving home in Daddy's car as Manic Mommy extricates RC from his carseat.

RC (enthusiastically): Mommy, I like Daddy better than you!

MM bites tongue...almost bedtime


JCK said...

Didn't you know? Daddys get all the fanfare. I think that was in our marital upon having children undisclosed contract. ;)

Love hearing these conversations!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...



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