Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things I Never Thought I'd Say - An Ongoing Post

Not things like "because I'm the mommy, that's why" or "you worry about you, I'll worry about (insert other child's name here)" although I'm saying those, too. It's more the totally non-sensical no-one-has-ever-said-these-words-together-before bon mots.

Like yesterday's

"No, RC. Don't wash your hands in the doggie's water."

or today's
"Don't lick that. There are germs on the Clinique counter at Macy's."

or how 'bout

"No, honey. You can't wear the blue and white sneakers today; you filled them with yogurt."


Michelle said...

My youngest child at age 4threatened her older sister once. She told her, "I'm gonna put my toe in your coke." She could be a grouchy little beast sometimes.

So of course I actually heard myself say the words, "Don't put your toe in your sister's Coke!"

Michelle said...

"Do not put doll clothes on the cat!"

Michelle said...

"Stop throwing Barbie heads at your sister!"

My cherubs informed me that Barbies are easier to dress when you pop off their heads.

KC said...

I'm thinking that the yogurt foot treatment might be therapeutic.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Yes, thank goodness no one hears us half the time.

Jen said...

"Don't wash your hands in the toilet bowl."

Kristen said...

"do you know why there is an inch of liquid soap in the sink?"

Jen the Sis said...

I'll toss my hat in the ring-- working on an Alzheimer's floor tends to lead to statements like "No, Doris, eat the sandwich; don't wash the table with it" or "Florence, you can't read the paper if you're holding it under the table."

aiden and brenden's mom said...

LOL! a friend just told me she said to her almost 3 year old daughter....It's not nice to put the kitty in the toilet. (yup! real kitty...poor kitty)


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