Sunday, February 21, 2010

WWSD - What Would Stimey Do - Part 3-ish

Well, Stimey might be taking a vacation from her Junk Pyramid but here at my little cabina contenta, clutter and odor know no holiday! About a week ago, I started to notice a little puddle developing on the top shelf of the fridge, near the orange juice. So I did what most busy moms would do; I ignored it.

Next, I noticed that the bread (stored directly below the OJ) was also damp. This time, I went out on a limb, mopped it up and took a peek around; finding nothing but assuming (my children) someone had spilled something at some point.

We were away overnight Friday into Saturday and upon our return yesterday, the fridge smelled like we'd left it unplugged for a month, with a couple of gallons of ice cream in it, in July. NOT acceptable.

So today, I put on my Stimey cap (don't I wish I really had one!) and did the unthinkable. I took every single item out of the fridge, removed every single shelf and bin and scrubbed the em effer down.
Even the door!
At least I did it right before shopping so there was less to put back.

Alas, the fridge was squeaky clean but I had not discovered the cause of the leak and thereby, the odor. So it was on to the freezer. After pitching piles of petrified, freezer-burnt dinosaur chicken and syrupy Popsicles, I discovered one lone ice pack jammed against a vent-type thing way in the back. I peeled that off then chipped away at the layer of permafrost on the bottom of the freezer. And hope that I've resolved the issue.

Isn't this exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday? In the process, I think I have found my all-time least favorite housewife-ly duty. So I have that little bit of enlightenment. Which is nice.

What is your most hated chore?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You just nailed it, baby!

When I was a kid we had to do that once a week. You read that right. Once a week.

Vacuuming behind was monthly.

The state of my refrigerator is deplorable. It is totally at odds with the rest of my housekeeping skillz.

Jason, as himself said...

Not fun, but once you've done it, every time you open it up it is such a pleasant surprise!

I hate putting laundry away.

Cathy said...

hmmm I think my LEAST favorite is washing floors. I dread it. I should vacuum way more than I do. Or washing dishes... or putting them away. Yup, I really want my own bakery just have someone clean up behind me lol. I also am not a fan of laundry because of the communal laundry in the basement. That takes a bit of motivation. Wow I am REALLY lazy!!!!!!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Anything involving cleaning the bathroom...

Stimey said...

Wow, this is impressive. You completely put me to shame. Don't come look at my refrigerator, please.

Isn't it amazing how good you feel when your fridge is sparkly?

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Pee pee bathrooms!

hayat said...

I hate making the bed and it's funny because I am a clean freak but as soon as you walk into my bedroom my bed 8/10 times is not made.


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