Monday, November 16, 2009

Every Day I Write the Book

1. The shrew on the AT&T Wireless commercial with the roll-over minutes fetish. Do they think this will make me say "Gee, I wanna be like her. Think I'll dump Verizon." or worse, that all moms are like this? Either way, you piss me off. You're on the list

2. The pretentious bitch on the Glade commercial. I see that now they're trying to make more likable. And a recurring character. Ad Agency Fail.

3. The fact that I now have to sign in prior to taking my yoga class. Apparently, my gym is now offering a cheaper membership that does not include classes. Let me get this straight; I pay more so I'm inconvenienced. Brilliant marketing strategy. Fail.

4. Every Kenmore appliance that I own. We bought the house in need of all new appliances. We were house poor. Kenmore was cheap. We got what we paid for. Two more visits by the appliance repair guys and we will have paid more to fix our stove than we did to purchase it.

5. My town's decision *not* to do a 'clean sweep' of all the leaves due to budget restraints. And then? We we all rake up eleventy-gazzillion leaves? Make sure you don't actually do a yard waste collection on they day you were supposed to. Because the leaf bags in front of my house (a) look fab and (b) get really, really (really) heavy after a day of soaking rain.

Head over to my friend, Sue's for more ungratitude. What's pissing you off today?


Life As I Know It said...

yeah, you got a good list here!
ONE good thing about moving to a house surrounded by woods is that we can drag our leaves into the woods.

rachel... said...

You caught me on a bad night. I'm currently not nearly as pissed off as I usually am. :/

Can you burn the leaves? I really don't know one goes about doing that, but I see people doing it from time to time...

anymommy said...

The yoga sign in would get to me. It's like they are ALL watching us.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wha??? I thought Kenmore was Sears which is supposed to have all this wonderful (AND FREE) after sales service? Did they stop that thing?

And pretty much all commercials piss me off. I completely tune out if I ever unlucky enough to come across one.

Nice bitch session, though. :)

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I totally agree with the roll-over minutes bitch! In fact, the whole family sucks ;)

Otter Thomas said...

No commercials would ever make my list because I just don't watch them. Everything I see is recorded. Commercials are the worst.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The mom that took 10 minutes past her allotted conference time looking for ego-stroking for her straight-A son.

The mom of the kid that's hanging by a thread really needed that time.

Take what's yours, but show some consideration.

Jennifer H said...

People who don't yield to pedestrians in the grocery store parking lot...

That Glad-ay woman is so annoying.

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

(Finally clicking out of my reader!!)

1. YES (although DESPITE her I am so tempted by the iPhone)
2. YES
3. Don't go to my gym, so I'm good there.
4. YESSSSSSSS!!! My appliance repair guy is ranking right up there with the pediatric dentist in $$ paid out this year.
5. Our town still have leaf suck-up this year, but our bordering town has "sucks about your leaves"


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