Sunday, May 24, 2009

Letting My Geek Flag Fly

We're having a pretty laid back Memorial Day weekend. Preschool graduation on Friday, birthday party yesterday, fishing on the Cape Cod Canal with the boys this morning (up early! fish guts! yay!), yard work tomorrow. As expected and *planned*, the highlight of my weekend just finished up about 45 minutes ago: Dinner with my husband at PF Changs (DE-licous!) followed by Star Trek on the big screen!

I'm not ashamed to blog out loud that I'm a little bit of a Trekker. I do have to say that I've always been more of a fan of The Next Generation than the original. Kirk always struck me as a bombastic, misogynistic boor (I may have been inferring just a teensy bit) and the show itself was pure camp. But Jean-Luc Picard was so cool, so cerebral, so very...80s. How could I not love him and TNG?

I won't give you a complete run-down of this Star Trek movie except to say that it totally kicked ass and I will buy it the very first day it comes out on DVD. I will also let you in on the thought that was occupying a big piece of my brain space during the entire 126 minutes of the movie:

This guy:
Playing this guy:
Is a VAST improvement over this guy:
I'm sure you can see my point.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You ALMOST make me want to see Star Trek. You definitely want me to go to dinner at PF Changs.

Sue said...

We also saw the new Star Trek movie this weekend. Chris thought it was "eh", but I really enjoyed it.

Also, I had no idea you were a Next Generation fan! I was nearly always parked in front of the TV (or somebody else's) at 7 pm on Saturday nights. Great show!

I had several favorite episodes, but the one that comes to mind when I think of that series is the one where Picard is pulled into experiencing the life of a person from an extinct planet. It was so well done.

merlotmom said...

Sad (I think) to say, I have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about. You're a stranger to me now! ;)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I was never much of a Trekkie (you said Trekkie the old fashioned term?) - but I have all kinds of geek flags flying. Sci-fi/Fansasy genre books, recorded books, Heroes, The X-Files... My husband never tires of making fun of my many trips to the local Borders for book signings...

I think geekiness is fine. It's actually kind of cool now.

Or that's what I tell myself now that I have wrinkles.

Funnyrunner said...

LOL. We went to see the 2nd Night at the museum movie over the weekend. eh....

Miz Q said...

Agree with your ST analysis! And how brilliant are those writers for finding a way to hit the 'reset' button and open the door to all new adventures without stepping on plot changes from all the old adventures? I can't wait for MORE!

Life As I Know It said...

I haven't seen it, but everyone who has has raved about it.
Sounds like a good weekend, actually!


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