Thursday, May 8, 2008

High School Note

Circa 1983/Freshman Year. Written between my friend, Chris and me. I will try to capture spelling, caps, grammar, etc. She starts.

Dear Chris,
How's life? Mine's good, you should have heard Crick (another friend) last night. It was wizza funny! Joey (Chris' older brother -- in COLLEGE!) walked in and she was bouncing up and down and he trew a pillow at me, he saw Crick bouncing up and down and after that, she felt like a fool. So I went downstairs w/the pillow and he was waiting for me. So he jumped up from the cabinets and scared me half to death.

w/b (write back)
*&*% (strange symbol meant to look like her signature)

Youe You've got good taste in guys. Gary is lucous lucious!

But your bROTHER is GORGEOUSer! I think I'm in love (seizure) definitely orgazm (I'm guessing inside joke?).
I'm glad he's your brother and I'm your friend. So friend can I move in with you. This is not just a physical thing either. Although he is GORGEOUS. I refuse to drool or spend my life waiting for him to bend over. Like some people who shall remain nameless (CRICK and SHERYL)
#$5% (my "signature")

oh yeah, #$%$, real nameless! I love Gary. I've been in love with him ever since June. But I'll always like him. I don't mean to sound conceited but we both like eachother. It's just 'cuz of our age difference. Even though I'll like somebody else as time goes on for a while I'll always feel something special for Gary.
His brother (sitting behind us) isnt too bad either but he's about 23 (?). It's bad enough that Gary's 20...but who cares, I don't! He is so luscious Jodee nor Gena think he's too hot. They're blind!!! Seizure or orgazm you ask??? Well, I pick ORGASM!!


Jennifer H said...

Hilarious...and I can understand why you tagged this post "mortified."

I'm thinking maybe it's good that a lot of my stuff like that burned up in a storage fire about 15 years ago. :-)

So funny.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is hysterical--the timing could not be more perfect.

Social Butterfly is exchanging furious e-mails with her friends who dared to invite her gorgeous (the friends think) brother, Danger Boy, to the movies with her group. She could not be more furious.

I hope there is no talk/thought of orgasms tomorrow night!

Cyn said...

What's funny is every girl who was a teen in the 1980s probably has an exact same note. And we all thought we were so unique. (-:

JCK said...

Mortified? Yet, funny as hell. These are the gems. How cool that you kept this! Are you still interested in men, uh, bending down for you?


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