Monday, May 19, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets, Dirty Little Lies

My long-lost, fraternal twin, Denise over at Real. Life. Ramblings. tagged me to provide my list of 10 Guilty Pleasures. Coincidentally, a while back, KC at Where's My Cape was supposed to have written about five songs she's embarrassed to admit she liked. As it turns out, for all the bad songs she likes, she's not a even a little embarrassed. KC was on my mind when I was thinking about pleasures, which are guilty and which are just embarrassing. Mine reflect a little of each.

1. Starbucks 2% Venti Iced Tazo Chai Latte, with eight pumps.
This is a guilty pleasure on two fronts, the first being the CALORIES (oh, Lordy, I wish I hadn't linked there just now), which equate to a small meal, and the second being cost. We're talking around $4.35 each. Not to mention I've usually got at least one kid in the car with me, so there's an extra $1.50 each for a Vanilla Milk.

2. When I outlast Andy emptying the trash.
Andy has garbage detail. I handle almost all other internal cleaning, bed making, etc. Usually, Andy will take a look-see in the morning before work and take it out if the bag is almost full. Some days, he forgets. On these occasions (for the most part), I can fit a day's worth of garbage into the remaining 1/2 inch of available space. This is truly a guilty pleasure because I do feel bad about doing it but I also find satisfaction in waiting him out.

3. I can't believe I'm writing this for the world to see but...Romance Novels.
The really cheesy Harlequin Romance variety that you can buy at Stop and Shop. I like to say that it's because my mind is so busy elsewhere that I need to read something besides magazines but not something I have to work at. Yeah, that's the ticket.

4. 70s Music
This is where KC's list comes into play. I too have no shame. I realized this driving around 80 mph with all the windows open listening John Denver CD and screaming along with the lyrics.

5. Pedicures
I'd say on average I've gotten a pedi every 3-4 weeks for the past 12 years. A few years back, I brought my then 10-year-old niece for her first pedi. An older woman at the shop commented on it and I told her it was indoctrination. I went on to say out loud that my own husband doesn't find it in the least odd that I don't cut my own toenails.

6. US Weekly/People Magazine
You know what they say; the first one's free. I used to travel a lot for work and buy them at the airport. Then I bought them when I was in the long checkout lines at Stop and Shop. I have no more excuses. I read them. I've never seen an episode of The Hills/Gossip Girl/The Kardashians (sp?) but I know about their stars from reading these rags.

7. Mommy Popsicles
I live on a cul-de-sac with ten houses and a seven kids ages five and under. As a result from the time the snow melts in the spring until it starts again in the late fall, we're outside playing. The reality is that it's also somewhat wearing to police a group of pre-schoolers intent on rolling the Cozy Coupe down a steep driveway, running through the non-child-bearing neighbors' gardens, drawing on our cars with chalk, etc. (I know; boo-hoo. I don't feel sorry for me either). So some afternoons, my fellow SAHM and I will break out the Corona Lites. Suddenly, it's 6:20, Andy's pulling up in front of the house, and the closest I've come to dinner is slicing a lime.

8. NPR - National Public Radio
I love it. I've been listening for years. My absolute favorites are Talk of the Nation/Science Friday and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. When RC recently gave up napping and I began the Snooze Cruise, I confessed to my friend that I was very excited to be spending time with my brainy, liberal lover again.

9. Weddings
I don't know if this qualifies as a guilty pleasure or just odd. I always give a nice gift and am very social. I like dancing a. lot. Particularly if I've had a cocktail or five two. And during these dance marathons, should a song like say, I Will Survive (no hyperlink necessary here) comes on, I'm acting it out in full histrionic gyration. And I'm probably taking you with me.

10. Blogging
Shocking, given my "phone-it-in" status of late but this is definitely a pleasure for me. The guilt comes into play when I neglect the little things in life (children, food, housework) in favor of reading and writing the minutia of everyday life.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Fresh Air tops my NPR list--where else do you get to actually hear intelligent exchanges with people you're actually interested in?

KC said...

1) I need to try that Starbucks drink...and oh, I've been there with the obligatory Vanilla Milk purchase. Have so been there.

2)70's music rocks. Don't get me started on "September."

3) Pedis...IMPRESSIVE.

4) Us/PEOPLE/Star/Life and Style/InTouch:

5) did you know JP was on Science Fridays once????

Denise said...

LOL! My husband would totally dig your singing John Denver songs. Oh, his dream come true!!!

Pedicures - we'll have to get one when I make it up to your part of the world!

Can I come live on your block and partake in Mommy Popsicles??

And OMGosh we totally broke out with the "I Will Survive" A cappella at the pub on girl's weekend. We got a standing ovation!

merlotmom said...

I love 70's music and I'm proud - though mine is less John Denver, more Steely Dan, Clapton, Earth Wind Fire, I could go on FOREVAH! Oh, and NPR, they are my mistress. Love WWDTM sooo much, I listen while walking my dog and I laugh out loud. I also love This American Life and Popular Culture. Too many to mention, I'm an addict.

Cyn said...

Myself, I enjoy Car Talk on NPR.

Carolyn said...

So funny. I do the same thing with that last 1/2 inch of garbage can space. I get it so squished in there that it creates a suction problem and the bag won't release from the can. Wow, I need to get out more...

Carolyn said...

So funny. I do the same thing with that last 1/2 inch of garbage can space. I get it so squished in there that it creates a suction problem and the bag won't release from the can. Wow, I need to get out more...

Life As I Know It said...

Oh, I love my Best of John Denver cd -- shhhh,don't tell anyone.
And NPR on weekend mornings. Love it.

Jennifer H said...

I once added up my daily coffee purchase to figure out how much I spend a year at Starbucks. But then I erased the amount from my mind. I don't want to consider it!

John Denver...I have got to play that in the car for my kids. It's my responsibility as a parent.

NPR is my #1 button of preset stations in my car.

Great list.

JCK said...

I have some of the same guilty pleasures. Definitely a sucker for romance novels. NPR addict. Never get enough. And blogging...well, you know the story there.


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