Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mental Yoga

Slouching Mom passed along a challenge for a 26 word poem, each word beginning with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. Below is my (feeble) attempt:

Again, boys challenge
Dueling, Edipus forever

Girls hide, ironically
Justice kind

Loving means naught, obviously

Patient queries
Reasoned Scenarios

To understand vitriol

Whithering Xanadu
Yearning Zen

Try your own and email me the link and I'll post.


slouching mom said...

I've got it, Christine, thanks!

I like this line:

"Loving means naught, obviously"

Kyla said...

I think there is something to so many poems ending in Zen. Lovely.

niobe said...

Ooooo...I so wanted to use Xanadu in my abc poem. But I just couldn't manage to work it in. I'm thrilled that someone did.

Christine said...

whithering xanadu
yearning zen
this was my favorite part.

i am so loving this meme and find it very exciting!

Magpie said...



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