Wednesday, September 5, 2007

As American as Baseball and Margaritas

I've got a mixed (but mostly positive) review about Jimmy Buffett's Labor Day Weekend Show this past Sunday.

If you've never been to a Buffett concert, it's important to note that the pre-concert tailgate is like NOTHING you've ever seen before. It truly is a one-day vacation. As one friend put it years ago, you're as likely to see Volvos and minivans as you are to see beaters and just as likely to smell cigar smoke as marijuana smoke. The age of the crowd varies widely. Just in our group, the oldest was closing in on 60 and the youngest was 26. Lots of people bring their kids. We opt not. So here was my day:

For starters, I made sure I was dressed appropriately:Many, many positive comments on the t-shirt and I was quick to give you full credit, Kristen.

We met up at my brother's house, where he informed us that he had a friend from work coming on an extra ticket. Turns out the co-worker is one of my very best friends that I've known since I was a freshman in high school. This made my whole day. And the more I drank, the happier I was he was there.We hit the parking lot around 12:00 noon for an 8:00 pm show - and the lot we were in closed shortly after we arrived. It's an all-day affair and we're veterans, so we come prepared for every eventuality. Delightful.

In past years, the show has been at Great Woods/The Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. This is a terrific venue with lawn seats, a pavillion, and a huge parking lot. The rules are pretty relaxed on Buffett days regarding open containers so you can spend a good chunk of the day wandering and drinking/drinking and wandering.

This year, it was at Gillette Stadium , so people-watching involves moving between parking lots by way of Rte 1. FYI: Mass State Police: less relaxed than the aforementioned Tweeter Security but still great guys considering.

All that being said, I still did manage to see a lot of people and things and meet some new friends as well.
After this point, I stopped carrying my cell phone and camera. So, luckily, there are few recorded images of me (thank God). My friend, David will also say amen that I haven't posted his pirate pictures. I do wish I had a picture of that 24-year-old I was dancing with at to Fins. Hmph.

The concert itself was good. I don't know if it was up to usual standards. While Gillette is great place to watch The Patriots in my opinion, it lacks the intimacy most conducive to a full Buffett experience. Maybe it was too big for Jimmy as well. He seemed a bit off.

I'll take an okay Jimmy Buffett concert over a day of laundry and dishes any day. When you're at Buffett, everyone's 22 without a care in the world - at least for a few hours. And that's about how long I like it.


slouching mom said...

Feeling 22 for a few hours...I'll take it!

Pinks & Blues said...

I'm so bummed I missed it!

My whole family went... they went last year too.

My mom and sister said that the tailgate was amazing! Hot tubs, a pirate boat on a van, mega set-ups, sand, you name it... it was there!

I"m so glad you had a blast!! Next year I am going to try and get there!! I love me some Jimmy Buffet!

- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

MM said...

The pirate boat was amazing bombing down Rte 1. Were you there the year of Naked Slide?

My two sisters, my brother, my aunt and uncle and I - along with an ever-changing gaggle of friends go every year. We joke about it being a family reunion.

Let's remember to catch up next year and we can connect at the tailgate. I wonder how many other bloggers were there. We should all get flags.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

The mominatrix loves to waste away in margaritaville.

Katie said...

I went to my first Buffett concert this summer and was AMAZED at the tailgate. It was the most amazing one I've ever been to (and I'm married to a Penn Stater where they take their tailgating very seriously!).

MM said...

Katie, you're no longer a virgin! Congrats!

Sue said...

I agree about the venue - Greatwoods was a far better place to see Buffett. It was much more intimate, playful, and fun.

The tailgaiting was definitely the highlight of the experience, especially when you, HS friend, and sisters came to visit. I'd go back next year just for the company!

jacquie said...

Spending my sunday recovering from yesterday's show...sept. 8th!!! I've gone for years,Great Woods, Meadow,s in Hartford, even once at the Fleet Center...I choose Great Woods as the tailgate winner but regardless it is THE best time ever! It gets harder and harder to get tix but it is SO worth it! MM mentioned the year with the Naked Slide...if that was Great Woods - we were there....CRAZY, parked near by and had a (rainy) day of people watching...the crowd out of hand! to all you buffett Virgins..I recommend attending at least one show before they are no longer! Take care all...and FINS TO THE LEFT!!!


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