Thursday, March 25, 2010

OMG - Ohm My God

Wine or chocolate, wine or chocolate?  Oh alright. If you insist. Both.

HRH's school has a very enthusiastic PTO that sponsors many activities.  One of the main reasons I'm home with the kids is to take an active role in their lives both in and out of school.  I try to volunteer as often as I can and generally really enjoy doing it.

When the PTO posted in the school newsletter that they were desperately in need of volunteers to assist with the after-school enrichment programs, I offered my services, provided they didn't mind an additional, slightly younger student in the mix.  They snapped me up.

Reasons Christine thought it would be a good idea for the boys and me to take yoga together:
A. HRH had taken yoga in preschool and really enjoyed it.
B. Both boys enjoy learning poses from me and have 'mastered' Wii Fit yoga.
C. Winters are long here in the Northeast, with Spring beginning around June 1st. We are heavy on inside time and light on much-needed physical activity.  Yoga = exercise.  Right?  right??

Reasons Christine is a dumb-ass, rookie volunteer who deserves the hazing she is current enduring:
A. The class takes place immediately after school is dismissed for the day.
B. This class is primarily attended by children then going on to the after school day care program.
C. This class takes place hours (and hours) after lunches have been eaten.
D. This class takes place during the time that both those children going home and those going to day care are being fed snacks.
E. Yoga was specifically mentioned as the class requiring assistance.
F. In case there was any doubt, K and 1st Graders are not the target audience for a class featuring long any periods of concentration, holding still, and being quiet.

Rather than the laid back, healthy hour I anticipated spending with my boys and a handful of others in a state of blissful Zen,  I spend an hour herding cats; directing kids in and out of the bathrooms, taking bloody noses to the nurses office, and telling kids to keep their hands to themselves.  In short, I could've stayed home.

So when you do the math, it may seem like A+B+C = Good, healthy, positive time together.  Not necessarily.  In this instance, A+B+C = Effed.


Sue said...

That's the second time I have heard the phrase "herding cats" this week and I had never heard it before! Can certainly relate, do you want to talk about elem school talent show practice? Maybe I will post about that later...

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Volunteering is like that sometimes. School is out in, what, 10 weeks?

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, I can't even imagine! Yes, to both wine and chocolate...most likely during the hour you're volunteering.

Otter Thomas said...

I would have never thought Yoga and kids mixed. It is good that your kids like doing it with you. I guess you can't expect the other rugrats to be so wll behaved.


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