Friday, January 29, 2010

Perhaps They Could Try Meditation?

Dear Skanks,
Thank you so much for disrupting my yoga class this morning by choosing that spot directly outside of the aerobics studio door to have your screaming fight. It was bad enough when I believed that you were fellow gym-goers. Imagine my surprise to learn that you were not members but rather employees. Also, kudos on your weapon choices in your verbal sparring. "oh yeah" and "who do you think you're talking to" are indeed fighting words worthy of losing your jobs.
We are not a fancy gym (clearly). Our membership is largely mommies looking to lose baby weight and college kids. At the same time, we are thankfully not peopled by muscle-heads in workboots or (I thought) classless bitches waiting to gouge each other's eyes out.
I'm sure gym sales people such as yourselves will find no trouble finding work in this economy. Good luck in unemployment! Maybe you can each find a nice guy on permanent disability from a "back injury" incurred while loading trucks.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope you get a credit for that class. At least when my yoga is interrupted it is in my own house, by my own screaming teens!

Evan said...

Or maybe good ol' Martial arts, heck they should have their own!


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