Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a Major Award!

Do you all read Rachel at A Reservation for Six? You really should. She's funny, honest, and clearly an excellent judge of fine writing. So fine in fact that she's bestowed on award:

It's actually called The Premios Dardo and is "given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing... created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web". Pretty impressive, huh? Rachel nicknamed it the Smoking Typewriter Award. So that is what I too shall call it.

Rule One of accepting this prestigious award call for me to put my name in a Google image search and share the results. Much like Rachel, the search results were unfit for publication on my blog (we're a family show). Rather, I am copying Rachel by Googling the words "Unfortunately Christine" and supplying the first ten results:

1. Unfortunately Christine's go-go boots are out of camera range. (Damn straight baby, Christine rocks the (Uggs) go-go boots!)

2. Unfortunately, Christine's case was quite severe and she had only a fraction of the normal length of small intestine. (Um, eww. Sorry, real Christine.)

3. Unfortunately, Christine was not Babe in the sequel, "Babe: Pig in the City," for "personal reasons." (Wait a minute. Am I the pig in this scenario??)

4. Unfortunately Christine’s story was no exception to the rule. (The first rule that came to mind was 'no good deed goes unpunished'. Awesome. Next!)

5. Unfortunately, Christine just so happened to have a voice that was stunning and mesmerizing. (You know how both of these words have more than one meaning? My singing would be the other meaning of stunning and mesmerizing.)

6. Unfortunately, Christine has retired from skating for a variety of reasons. (No sense of balance or skating talent being chief among them.)

7. Unfortunately, Christine doesn't mesh with the Stepford moms, and an awkward situation gets worse. (This could happen. This Christine doesn't do well with The Muffia).

8. Unfortunately Christine, I do not have room down here in Hell because I'm trying to save plenty of space for the gays. (The actual author was being facetious. Please don't send me hate mail.)

9. Unfortunately, Christine is ready for him and pulls a blaster on Power, who is without his Power Suit. (I'm working on my own super hero name. Andy suggested Neurotica.)

10. Unfortunately Christine has filled it with the same dribble she puts here. (Shouldn't it be drivel? Anything filled with dribble sounds quite disgusting. Either way, it seems like a proper ending to Part One.)

Rule Two of award acceptance calls for me to pass the award along to 10 worthy bloggers who (I pick because I like them) also exemplify the spirit of the Premios Dardo. And so I present The Smoking Typewriter award to 10 women that I don't think of merely as bloggers, I think of them as friends.

Julie at LLOL (Literally Laughing Out Loud) for sharing her wit, wisdom, and perseverance in raising boys.

Kate (k8) at The Big Piece of Cake makes me laugh out loud. One of the many reasons I'd move to DC.

Stacey at Is There Any Mommy Out There? makes me think and makes me laugh.

Sue at My Party of Six should definitely meet Rachel. I think they would be friends.

Natasha the Exile on Mom Street. I think Natasha is one of the prettiest names there is. I love sharing her road well-traveled.

Rachel at Diary of a Mad, Mad Housewife. My fellow Masshole, full of sarcastic wit and funny observations.

Sarah at In the Trenches of Mommyhood. Tales of her boyz keep me laughing and make me want to travel out to the 495 belt for a glass of wine with my bloggy friend.

Jean in Stimeyland truly shares with us the ridiculous and the sublime. I am so buying Jean a drink in Chicago.

Always, my friend Katherine at Where's My Cape who presented me with my first award and with whom I'm bunking at BlogHer (even though she says she snores).

And lastly, to Jennifer on her Thursday Drive, who actually spends as much time on Facebook as I do. She makes me long to be a better writer.

Cheers, my friends!


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Thanks for the love, my bloggy buddy!

KC said...

Thanks, babe! And I can't wait for Chicago!

(Also, JP just brought home a pair of earplugs they gave him from his MRI appt - SCORE - I can bring for you. =)

natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Yea! My very first award. I feel, um, awarded! And also really excited. Thanks Christine!

I should have a new blog design up tomorrow, and that's when I will accept my first award. Fitting, no?

anymommy said...

Lovely, thank you so much. I want to buy *you* a drink in Chicago!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Cute tweak on the name thing. Congrats on your bling!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

What a great way to start my day!! Thank you!!! I'm going to do the googling, but I'm more than a little nervous...

Rachel said...

Oh, man, your "unfortunatelies" are hysterical! I can't wait to check out your other winners - especially that Sue!!! :)

MadMad said...

Thank you, hon! That is one cool typewriter! Off to check out my Google results!

Stimey said...

I'm totally thrilled to get this from you. And I'm totally going to drink that drink in Chicago. :)

Jason, as himself said...

I think one of these lines came from The New Adventures of Old Christine. Do you watch that show? Hysterical!

Jennifer H said...

You ARE smokin' and you do know what to do with a keyboard - of course, you deserve this!

Thanks for sharing it with me (and for the kind, lovely words)!

This list was great. Maybe that's what I should put in front of fortunes from fortune cookies.

funnyrunner said...

Well, golly gee. I'm blushing. Thanks so much! :) Hey - what's going on in Chicago?


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