Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dinner without Crayons

Andy's on his way home from dropping off my niece/babysitter. She (along with the rest of her family) just moved from five minutes away to 25 minutes away. Quite a different story. But the end result is the same: Andy and I had a date!!!!

We went to The Barking Crab and for those of you who linked over 'cause you were curious (admitted 'linking around' slut, here), when they say 'casual', they mean it. It's a paper-plate kind of place that the Board of Health has investigated more than once. But it's actually on a pier on Boston Harbor with boats parked beneath. How much better does it get than that on a cool summer's evening following a thunderstorm?

Well for starters, you could ignore the "parents of small children" aroma we give off and not sit us in the kiddy section. Actually, that is complete sarcasm - yes, we were in the kiddy section but no, I didn't mind. I'm so in tune with being the mommy, that the slow withdrawl is probably the best option. I can see the bare feet but I don't have to be the one yelling to put. the. crocs. back. on.

After dinner, we took a walk along Boston Harbor and ended up in Fanueil Hall. Definitely a tourist trap/meat market at its finest. We got a seat in an outside place and people watched/talked.

A couple of thoughts on tonight's evening:

- I love going out on a date with my husband

- I love going to some of the 'old places'

- I would not be 21 again for all the money in the world.

I am approaching (slouching toward) 40 years old, I am married to the person I should be married to, with the children (and the dog...and the cat) I was meant to have, living where I should with the friends, and the life, and the 'stuff' I should/need to have.

I look at these women and know they want what I have. I say this not in superiority; I say it in gratitude and honesty.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I know exactly what you mean.

slouching mom said...

what jenn said. these are the best years...

merlotmom said...

All that's great (and it really is) but couldn't you have waited for "Give Me The Grateful Life Monday" to say that???? It's okay, i'll let you repeat yourself. I'm THAT good a friend.

Mama Kalila said...

Sounds like fun... and even now I wouldnt go back in time either. Life is too good

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Cheers! I love a good date night out in Boston.

KC said...

I share your thoughts. I see the young'uns and I can't imagine that time anymore.

It's so great to be happy and content and know that your life is rich.

You can't ask for better.

Glad you had that time together. I need some.

Jennifer H said...

That sounds like such a great date.

I miss the water!

Sue said...

It's not often that you find a person who has everything they want in life (at least the important stuff), and it is extremely rare to find a person who truly appreciates what they have. Love it!

Oh, and I have never been to the Barking Crab! Worked/went to school downtown on and off for 15 years and somehow missed that Boston landmark. Glad you had a great date night.


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