Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Know You Want Some

Louisa’s* Sangria Recipe

7 Liters** of red wine (nothing too fancy)
1 L- apple brandy
1 L- orange juice (best with pulp)
0.5 L- lemon juice (concentrate is fine)
1 L- apple juice
3 lbs. of oranges (optional: 1 lb. Lemons)
3 cups of sugar

11 liters total volume + fruit = need about a 15 liter container

Dissolve sugar in 2 cups of very hot water
Chop fruit and squeeze out juice
Add parts to Sangria

Chill overnight

* Louisa is my neighbor. She makes the best Sangria I've ever tasted.
** 1 Liter = 0.264 gallons. This recipe makes approximately 3 (2.904) gallons of Sangria.
*** Now updated to include picture of finished product!

Yes, it's in a bucket. I don't have a five gallon punch bowl - do you? Can I borrow it?
Yes, I bought the bucket new and scrubbed it before using it.
Yes, it takes up practically all of my fridge.
Yes, I taste-tested it - and it. is. yummy.


Jen said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, Sangria.

Soooooo- are you making some for RC's b-day party???????

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If only red wine did not give me a headache so bad that I would almost prefer to just beat my head against a brick wall.

Phoenix said...

So can I come to your house for some? Like in this exact moment. How about you pass me some through the computer. How cool would that be?

Manic little sister said...

But how much time do you need to factor in to do all those converions?

Yuck, math.

Manic Little typer said...

Um, yeah. Conversions.
I really wish Blogger allowed you to edit comments.

KC said...

Dude. You are awesome.

~ Denise said...

Oooh. This comes at a perfect time because next weekend is Scrapbooking Weekend!!!!!!! Thanks!


merlotmom said...

Can you please blog after you've drunk from the bucket...a bucket?! LOL.

Limbic Resonance said...

There was a restaurant in S-ville that had yummy sangria and tapas...what was then name of that place?!

Stimey said...

Booze in a bucket. Awesome.

~ Denise said...

OK - we are celebrating Cinco this weekend with Margarita's (got a good recipe?) so I'll have to try this another time! But I can't wait!

HRH said...

MMMMmmm. That sounds great. What was in your bucket before the Sangria?

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Love it!

BOSSY said...

The bucket? Just about big enough for Bossy.

JCK said...

I am ready NOW to come over. Please pour me a tall one!

Connie said...

I'm pretty sure that drink is illegal in Utah....


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