Monday, July 23, 2007

Partial list of things to know/do before creating blog:

  1. Think up clever name for blog.

  2. Find out HOW TO CREATE BLOG.

  3. Decide if can be quick-witted on command and on a semi-regular basis.

  4. Think up clever pseudonyms for commonly referred-to family members and friends. So far:
    Andy = Andy – have to work on that one. Wonderful husband of seven years with terrific sense of humor and unnatural fear of woodland creatures.
    Note to self: check copyright issues relating to borrowing The Huz, or The Man
    HRH = Child number 1, four-year-old boy. My starter child. First locally grown grandchild on Andy's side of the family. The one who never has any doubt that the sun rises and sets on him - and has the toys to prove it.
    Roger Clemens = Child number 2, two-year-old boy. Answered the question “How can I possibly love someone as much as I love HRH? Answer: easily. Will someday be starting pitcher for the Red Sox provided they give up those silly baseballs and start throwing Hot Wheels and dinosaur chicken.

  5. Email Motherhood Uncensored and The New Girl to make them feel honored and homaged not molested and plagiarized

  6. Convince husband blog will not lead to future feature story on Dateline with Chris Hansen

1 comment:

Manic Mom said...

You forgot number 7. Google Manic Mommy to make sure there's not other crazy ladies out there like you with the same clever name! Hahah! Enjoying your blog! I feel like my blog's been cloned!


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