Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

1. The new boiler was installed last week! Woo hoo! In the process of removing the old boiler, they came across about a zillion sugar ants living in a nest under the boiler. I was actually embarrassed for a minute. Like not cleaning under the boiler made me a bad homemaker. Proof that I can be neurotic about anything.

2. The other night, I was walking back from the bathroom in my sleeping t-shirt and caught a glimpse of my physique in the mirror at the end of the hallway. At what I would have thought was the low point, a big chunk small crumb of Pop Tart fell off my shirt. And I started digging...

3. This week, I taken a kick boxing class and a my regular Friday yoga class. As God is my witness, I will never again allow myself to fall this badly out of shape again!

4. Andy recently compared K-Fed to Jabba the Hutt; he's fat, he's rich, and he's got Princess Leah in a metal bikini on a leash. In his heart he can't hate him. He has far exceeded any expectations anyone would have set for his life. And yes, he's joining Celebrity Fit Club.

5. If you link over to the, there's just a picture placeholder showing him diving into an empty pool and says "official site coming soon".

6. We attended our good friends' wedding this past weekend in Vermont. Completely sober and engaged in polite conversation with the bride's uncle, whom I had never met before, I shifted my weight from one foot to another on a grassy area and collapsed like one of the Twin Towers. Flat on my ass.

7. Last week, while we were waiting for HRH in his school yard playground, Gremlin took it upon himself to leave the school yard, cross the busy street, and wait for us at the car. Even as I ran, I was strangely calm, knowing in my heart that he had gone back to the car. He and the crossing guard, Mary, are now on a first name basis.

Thanks to Conversion Diary for providing an easy re-entry idea for my neglected blog.


mama-face said...

I love that you have a link to Kevin Federline's web site. Plus the whole pop tart incident.


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

So what is the current total for years off your life caused by Gremlin?

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

I threw away a half bag of cinnamon raisin bread last week in my attempt to reinvigorate my healthy eating plan. Ten minutes later, I went back, pulled it out of the trash and had some toast. Oh yes I did. George Costanza. (It WAS in a bag and all, right?)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I hope you didn't get grass stains.

Once I was at a wedding and after dinner while sitting at the table (I KNOW! "once, after, while..."), I tried to lean over to talk to a friend. The problem was that there was an empty chair separating us and I had to lean on it. And that chair was a folding chair. And apparently, it was rather...tempermental. You can imagine what happend. I put my hand on it, it collapsed, trapped my arm and took me down.

In front of a table full of VERY drunk people who probably thought I was wasted. Which I wasn't since I had to leave early to pick up my cousin at the train station. Which meant I was fully aware of the humilliation.

Not my finest moment.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh! That last one is a heart-stopper. Thank goodness it ended well.

Jason, as himself said...

"I was actually embarrassed for a minute. Like not cleaning under the boiler made me a bad homemaker."

This is GREAT!

Mama Goose said...

#1 and #6 made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.

I had a #7 myself this weekend - though I was most certainly NOT calm.

Nice to see you back.

ANT said...

#6 was LAUGH out LOUD hilarious! I love your blog.


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