Thursday, December 6, 2007

Can't Wait to Hear This Explanation

For those of you who know my 2-year-old, it's no surprise to hear that he's never met a mess he didn't make. I knew when saw this shirt on, that I had to have it. Truly the perfect marriage of man and medium.

Here is RC with his new shirt (Diego yogurt stain sold separately):
Here he is, several stains of unknown origin later, about to upend the dog's food and water and throw it all over the kitchen.which involved the use of these:and causing him to be placed in time out:
The shirt held up beautifully.
Manic Mommy? Not so much...


Kristen said...

I see you "Dear Santa, I can explain" messy shirt and raise you with a 7 inch splatter of pink ink from the screen printing workshop. Next year the shirts will definitely NOT be white. LOL.

helena said...

so, they continue with the knocking over the dogs bowl for how long?

Bethany said...

Help! I'm dying over here! Somebody get me a spoonful of peanut butter to ward off the hiccups!

What a stinker (I mean cutie)!


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